Virtual Biz Solutions believes first and foremost that you should be able to work in your business and do what fulfills and brings you joy.

I will take on the tasks you don’t have time for, don’t know how to do well, or those you don’t like doing.

Servicing Client’s globally, I specialise in supporting businesses with their administrative, marketing, and operational needs.

I am a Business Owner myself, and I know that running an efficient Business takes a lot of time and effort, and that’s why I am here to help. I want to see your business thrive!

From taking customer calls, to answering online enquiries, I’ll make sure your customers get the professional support and attention they deserve.

It is my absolute mission to solve your problems, leaving you some peace of mind, and to give you back your time.

A Virtual Assistant Dedicated To You

As we move through an ever-changing, digitally connected world, we see ourselves at the forefront of business processes.

Its 2021, and Business owners are now outsourcing their tasks to Virtual Assistant’s. It is one of the most fastest growing industries out there today.

Nowadays, there is a lot of new business software introduced in the market that business owners have no idea how to manage. This software has one thing in common: simplifying professional life and operations.

The only challenge here is that as a Business owner, you don’t have the luxury of taking the time to learn these tools. A Virtual Assistant is always there to learn for you. Offer this as an online job for a VA and they will do the rest for you.

Virtual Assistant Support Applications and Programs


LastPass is the best password manager. Generate strong passwords and store them inside a vault. 


Hootsuite makes scheduling, managing and reporting Social Media content easier. 


MailChimp is a marketing automation platform and email marketing service.


Dubsado is a business management solution designed to cut out the busy work. Build relationships, schedule appointments, and create workflows. 


Canva is a program where you can design templates, branded graphics, e-books, portfolios and so much more with a user friendly platform. Nice and simple with their drag and drop builder.


Looking for articles, curated content to schedule on your social media planner? Look no further than Feedly. Thousands of articles to share.

10 Ways your Business can benefit from a Virtual Assistant

Still not sure how a Virtual Assistant can help your business? Hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) can be one of the smartest business moves you will ever make. A good VA will be able to assist you in handling your administrative workload, allowing you more time to focus on growing your business and generating revenue.


  • General Administrative Support
  • Invoicing
  • Email & Voicemail Management
  • Online Marketing Management
  • Customer Response
  • Event Planning
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Internet Research
  • Calendar Management
  • Project Management



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