What is the Clubhouse Podcast Platform?

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What Is Clubhouse?

The clubhouse is a live audio app that enables people to listen or actively engage in live discussions. Nothing is recorded. When space runs out, this transformation is gone forever. The company describes itself as a new type of voice-based social product that allows people everywhere to talk, tell stories, generate ideas, develop friendships, and meet interesting people from around the world.

Basically, you enter and exit different chats on different topics, similar to live streaming with free streaming. You can only listen to yourself or offer your thoughts. Imagine a cocktail party or a club.

Vogue described the app’s experience as an amazing fusion of live podcast chats, group discussions, networking opportunities (some smart people already change influencer to the moderator), and the beneficial use of multiple cameras (locked options and private) available so you can talk to your friends too)

“The social application simulates real-world interactions. “

However, the sound itself doesn’t leave the application. This is one main rule: no communications are recorded and not released.

How does the app seem like inside?

After receiving an invitation from a friend, the first gate of call was to explore the rooms. Like all apps, the app displays on your phone. Once registered, the Clubhouse feels chaotic and exciting. You’ll be greeted with a simple homepage that lists ongoing discussions and scheduled conversations for later.

Your algorithm will match your agenda and the one you want to follow. Depending on the work area/interest/friends, chat rooms are offered where lectures are held on music, movies, culture, race, technology, and beauty. I was immediately amazed: the names of famous people who were suddenly out of reach were just a click away. The discussions scheduled by the team were suspended in my feed, and my colleagues were practically watching the cameras.

Clubhouse exclusivity

Product rarity is often used to ensure success in today’s voluminous street and cultural scenes. However, social media application tactics are a relatively new concept. In general, the ideology with which the founders of start-ups operate on social media is that greater access equals more success. Still, Clubhouse proves that lack can be a valuable tool such as accessibility to ensure their wealth.

However, the founders of the application stated that this exclusive nature of the application is not their intention: “We build a club for everyone and make it available to the world as soon as possible. This helps prevent things from falling apart, the composition of the community remains diverse, and we can improve the product as it grows.” They have a limited number of employees and, therefore, did not fully extend the application’s functionality.

Clubhouse’s unique approach 

You can distinguish the app from other current social media platforms. However, the controversy has not been shaken, as the application is trying to enter the world of technology. Read on to take a look at the controversy the company has been in recently and the hip-hop celebrities and personalities we know currently have access to the platform. The clubhouse is a new voice-based social media application available by invitation only.

In the app, users can connect to different cameras to listen or have a conversation. You can see who is still there, and you can see their profiles. The person who created the room gives participants the privileges to speak.

However, it is a bit mysterious how the club turned upside down. According to the New York Times, it’s definitely just an invitation. You can now access and download the App Store to reserve your username. However, you can’t do much without an invitation text.

Part of the appeal is considered to simulate the parties’ spontaneity and the large-scale social interactions that would be difficult to obtain during the pandemic.

Just like a real social event 

Users can start with a few other people in the main room and then divide them into smaller groups for side conversations no need to talk.

One of the important things that distinguish Clubhouse from social media like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook is that you no longer have to look at your screen to share once you join a camera. In theory, someone could interact better with what is happening in front of them, continuing to interact in the application’s discussion room.

According to a May Forbes article, the company already has a valuation of $ 100 million, despite not having a complete website.

Nothing is saved in the app, so you have to be there, or else you risk losing the conversation. Unlike most social applications, which allow you to know the news of the day retroactively, you need to be in the club so as not to miss the opportunity. None of the conversations will be recorded, and no transcripts will be submitted later.

This encourages people to use the app and makes their time at the club more like an offline, face-to-face conversation.

Why the clubhouse has power?

1: It has a true spread

Unlike most social platforms, where the number of followers is just a vanity measure, the club’s followers vary.

When you are watching jumps on stage, the app will inform you in an easy but convincing style – even if the phone is locked. When you click the notification, you instantly enter the room as a passive listener.

The notification function reminds us of the first days of Facebook Live, where you can press a button, and hundreds of people have just appeared.

As your network of clubs grows, you can attract larger crowds.

Here’s a professional tip: If you ask questions and invite yourself on stage, people will check your profile, and some will follow you.

2: Provides real human participation

Are you looking for someone to talk to? Want to hear people talk about interesting topics? The club opens small group discussions on a variety of topics. It is not uncommon for people to share their failures with their successes.

3: Build fast working relationships

Because much of this platform is related to your voice, it’s a powerful way to build business connections.

As in the case of lounge conversations at conferences, the same thing happens at a club. People check your Instagram or Twitter account instead of exchanging cards, and chats take place there.

4: You are allowed to use your voice

On many platforms, only people with many people have a voice that balances the club between the field. It’s not about numbers anymore – it’s what comes out of your lips.

When you’re not struggling to build your social guide with vanity values, really focus on using your voice.

5: It’s just your voice! No need to be prepared for the room …

One of the big things that keep people from accepting live videos is the camera’s operation. This live audio application completely removes this barrier. Your avatar is all you need.

This means that you can join the conversation regardless of your appearance. Just rolled out of bed? No problem, you can join the club. In the grocery store? Do not worry. Plug in the AirPods and remove them.

6. You can test your thoughts

This platform is a great way to collect content. But it also allows you to express yourself in new areas.

How to create your own club in the clubhouse

The million-dollar question. Because the app is in beta mode, the app is currently accessible by invitation only.

Each new member receives an invitation. So, if you already know someone who is a member, it might be a good time to contact you. If you’re an iPhone user, you can download the app and reserve a username.

“We’re working hard to open things up soon!” Clubhouse says on its website.

The club insists that it should not be exclusive and works to make it available to everyone, citing the desire to “slowly build a community” and create features that help it deal with more people.

The Internet is lit by the latest social media application, Clubhouse. After begging, begging, and looking for a way to enter social Narnia, I finally received an exclusive invitation. Like the old school club you had when you were a kid, the club app is exclusive, even if you get an invitation to join. The platform’s club function allows users to create and join other private groups within the application tailored to their specific interests. You’ve already received your invitation (finally!), But how do you create your own club-to-club? Here’s what you need to know to get started.

While getting to the club was very discouraging, starting the club is a little easier, but there is a waiting game. Due to the growing popularity of the application, the Clubhouse took great care to check the clubs before launching it. Clubs have three types of users: founder/administrator, member, and affiliate. To start a club (you are considered a founder), you must have hosted a room at least three times. You can do this by connecting to the app, opening your own room, inviting friends to join, or leaving it open to see who’s coming. Then open the Clubhouse app, go to your profile, and select your device icon to open your settings. Then click Frequently Asked Questions / Contact to access a web link with display options.

How to use the clubhouse app?

Once you realise you want it, download the free iOS app (Android users are out of luck right now). Reserve a username for the club, put yourself on the waiting list, and subtly give your associated friends a hint that you want to invite a club. Any new user can invite someone else to join. Once you get one, open the app, and you’ll be asked to choose the people or topics you want to follow. Depending on what you choose and who you choose, you can scroll through the list of current and future discussions. You can see chat rooms hosted by all different users, from your co-workers (if they get an invitation, of course) to celebrities like Drake. You can also enable notifications to receive notifications when discussions might interest you.

Imagine having full access to your favorite Comic-Con panels – chat rooms contain titles and short descriptions of topics, moderator names, and profiles – except you don’t have to wait in line for hours to get a seat. And if you’re overwhelmed by a discussion, or you see someone else drawing your attention, you can move on and move on to the next conversation, just like you do at an IRL party.

How do you track those in the clubhouse?

According to Vogue reports, the Clubhouse algorithm can link to your phone’s address book and combine it with whoever you want to follow. You’ll find celebrities like Ava DuVernay and Kevin Hart attending and hosting chat rooms, and you can go up and down these conversations as much as you want as you watch your loved ones along the way. Depending on your preferences and what you’ve clicked so far, the app will also suggest people for you – possibly people who have moderated a discussion about anti-racism regulation or people who share the same passion for communication. Stay tuned by clicking the “Follow” button next to their profile pictures and a short description, similar to what you’re used to on Twitter.

How to follow the topics in the clubhouse?

You will get specific information (or stay quite comprehensive) on the topics you want to pursue in the club. Among the recommended people is selecting topics entitled “Finding conversations about …”. For example, click Wellness, and you can choose other subtopics, such as mindfulness, fitness, or drugs. If you prefer the Global Affairs program, you can choose from geopolitics, climate, and American politics. You can click and explore topics ranging from sports and life to faith and art, such as browsing recommended hashtags.

How to start a club room?

You can open your own room in the club and have great control over socializing. When you add a theme, you will be asked to choose between open, social, and closed spaces. The open space will be, as it appears – open to anyone browsing the application. The social camera is only available to people you call directly in the app (for example, people you follow), and a locked room is a private space for you and users you think are worthy. You can test the people who call you to join you in the room so that no one misses the fun.


There is no specific deadline for your club to be approved by clubhouse officials. However, you can expect to explore other clubs in the app and develop some great ideas for managing your own club.

I personally am addicted to Clubhouse!

Donna Davies!

Psssst … check in with me after reading this blog. If you decide Clubhouse may very well be the place to be, I might just have that free invite code you’re looking for. And if by chance its gone by the time you have messaged me, I can certainly point you in the right direction to scoring one!

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