Hashtags 101

I’ll place my entire # Strategy into this one article so hopefully you will get to
understand the Hashtag language pretty fluently. I’m all for no fluff and getting straight into it,
so here it is.

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A few points to remember when using #Hashtags:

Banned #'s

● Hashtags that are banned are easy to spot if you know what you’re looking for.
● Using one banned hashtag can get you shadow banned for life.
● Forbidden or Banned #’s keep the feed clean.
● Utilising just one banned hashtag wipes out the rest of your hashtags, and your post becomes
inactive and your content can no longer be visible.
● Take a look at #beautyblogger………. A banned #hashtag. It got flagged for spam and porn
photos, so Instagram shut it down. If you were to use this one hashtag – bye bye profile!

Deserted #s

● Hashtags that are fewer than 10,000k
● No one hangs out in these hashtags, so the amount of eyes that will see your content
will be small.
● Waste of a hashtag
● Starting your own hashtag isn’t recommended but nor is it too detrimental to your
account health.

Unhealthy Blackhole #’s

● #Hashtags that are above 500,000k
● The number actually means how many times that #hashtag has been used. Not how
many potential people you will reach.
● Using these hashtags will actually bury your content and chances of being discovered
are slimmer than slim.
● If your Instagram is set to private, no #hashtags will ever work. Make sure your profile is
set to business or creator for optimisation.

Healthy #’s Are The Best

● Healthy #’s are those between 10,000k and 500,000k uses
● These niche specific #s are the sweet spot to getting the most qualified people to
potentially connect with you on Instagram.

Always Remember:

Good Content + Healthy #Hashtags = More eyes on your content!

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